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                                                                      Puppy Policy 


I only breed very occasionally when i want a puppy for the show ring myself.  If there are any available puppies, all potential homes are visited by myself to ensure it is a safe & secure environment for the puppy. 

All puppies leave me with a contract & endorsed registration papers. This means that they cannot be bred from, nor can they be exported. However, with regard to the breeding endorsement, I am quite willing at a later date to lift the endorsement from a show potential puppy once he/she has proven itself to be of sufficient quality & a good example of the breed in the show ring and if the purchaser is willing, as a responsible owner, to work with me & discuss future mating’s with only the dog’s best interests at heart.


Pet/Companion puppies sold to a pet home more often than not will still be of show quality but are not approved for breeding if they have not proven themselves in the show ring and therefore their endorsement will not be lifted, they must also be spayed/neutered at 18 months of age or in the case of a bitch once she has had her first season if she is over 18 months.

Also the purchaser must agree that if, at any stage in the dog’s life, they need to rehome the dog for whatever reason, no matter what age the dog is, even when he/she is an adult, it is imperative that as the breeder I am the first to be informed and that he/she must come back to me at my request. The dog must not be passed on to another third party. I have a life long commitment to any puppy I have bred.

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